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Yoga is a practice that involves certain body positions to point your chakras to the stars and connect with the energy of the universe. This will help your body, mind, and soul to heal at a rapid pace while benefitting your overall health and mental and emotional well-being.

I’m Carlos R. Thurman and I’m the CEO and creator of Open Source Yoga.

We are a small business devoted to helping you become the person you want to be by embracing your mind, body, and soul in a completely new journey and lifestyle. Open Source Yoga is all about sharing our experience and insight into the matter, so you can implement what resonates with you into your life.

Here, you will learn everything you need to know about yoga and how it became a spiritual practice loved by many. Open Source Yoga is a reliable source of helpful information filled with countless guides, books, one-on-one classes, and more.

Positive energy and healing vibes are part of our business motto, and we want you to implement it in your life as well.

I started my spiritual journey in my teenage years back in the mid-80s, when mom and dad decided to join a spiritual-based group with friends and other family members. Since then, I’ve been experiencing the benefits of living a more wholesome, relaxed, and spiritual life, which became my main approach to life.

While growing up, going to college became a stressful experience for me, as I was depicted as a hippie by many. Nobody understood how helpful practicing yoga is for your mental and emotional stability while helping you tone your body in various ways. Besides, everyone thought I was only doing it to grab people’s attention.

It wasn’t until I met my best friend and life-partner John when I decided to come out and embrace my sexuality and spirituality to the fullest. We then started a small yoga group with some friends and colleagues, and little by little, I could use all my yoga-related knowledge as a primary source of income.

I’m a junior high school P.E. teacher, and in my classes, I like to share the benefits of yoga with helpful lessons. After that, branching out to start my own business was a breeze and I opened Open Source Yoga.

If you want to join us on our spiritual journey and experience everything we have to share about yoga, its benefits, and helpful sources, you’re welcome to!